Roman sauna in Truskavets

Thick steam with fragrant essential oils soothes, effectively rejuvenates, helps to lose weight
The Roman sauna at Raymond SPA will help you forget about everyday worries and experience an unprecedented surge of energy. It's really a total reboot before work days and important things. Thick steam with fragrant essential oils soothes, effectively rejuvenates, helps to lose weight. It carefully wraps the body and looks unsurpassed in the glare of blue lamps.
Roman steam room - healing of the body and revival of vital energy
After the bath, our guests want to sing and dance: somewhere there is fatigue, excitement and obsessions. The gait becomes light, the body is mobile, and there is pain in the back and joints. This effect is easy to improve if you listen to the recommendations of experts and after the steam room use spa services. Diluted skin is best prepared for delicate cosmetic activities: masks, chocolate wraps, honey massage, etc.

Roman bath in Truskavets to promote health

All types of services:

  • Roman sauna high humidity and moderate temperature up to 47oC.
  • Jacuzzi bubbling water soothes and encourages relaxation.
  • The Finnish sauna differs from other steam rooms by a high temperature of 80-100oC and a low humidity of 10-20%.
  • Phyto-bar cool smoothies, warming teas, herbal teas.
  • Contrasting shower is the best method of hardening the body.
  • Massage has a stimulating effect on body tissues, improves blood circulation and lymph flow.
The Roman bath does not have such strict restrictions as the Finnish: high humidity and moderate temperature up to 47 C allows you to warm up gradually and without discomfort, which has a positive effect on the female body. After the procedure, the skin becomes silky, loses unattractive oily shine. Collagen production is stimulated, toxins and free radicals are released. Improves thermoregulation and muscle tone, speeds up metabolism. The endocrine, respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems begin to work better.

The result may exceed your expectations if you follow some rules. Before the bath, take a shower, if desired, cleanse the body with a delicate scrub.
  1. Be sure to warm up the muscles by doing a light warm-up:pulling, smooth inclines, stretching;
  2. During and after the procedure, drink herbal teas, which are prepared in the phytobar according to different brewing technologies;
  3. Sit in the steam room for no longer than 15 minutes, and re-enter the sauna no more than three times.

Roman steam has a positive effect on mental health, because you will find complete relaxation and peace. The atmosphere itself has: interesting wall decoration, comfortable benches, soft and diffused light that does not irritate.

A set of effective procedures and quality service

Bath with essential oils helps to heal and strengthen the body without pills. In combination with other measures, it will be most effective. There is a full spa with a jacuzzi and contrast shower, comfortable sun loungers, a beautiful terrace and a bar with vitamin cocktails. Experienced specialists work nearby to massage the body, head, arms and neck. The beautician will offer moisturizing and nourishing masks.

You will get everything you need for the sauna: terry towels, drinks, sun loungers. The procedure totally reboots. At first, you feel pleasant fatigue and lightness, as if some burden was taken from your shoulders, and then - a surge of vigor and energy. This is the best vacation for lovers, family or friends.
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What is a Roman sauna?

This is a bath with a temperature of 60-70C and the highest relative humidity, close to 100%. Warm steam will envelop your body by gently warming it, gradually relaxing all muscle cramps, and dim lighting make the sauna cozy and comfortable. Roman baths appeared in ancient Rome and were originally built over hot springs. Ancient Rome was the first civilization where public baths became popular and widespread among the population. They were related to culture, health, art and even political movements.

What are the benefits of a Roman sauna?

High humidity in combination with heat 60-70C has an important effect on the human body. Condensation of water on the skin along with sweat helps to rid the body of toxins. It benefits the skin and promotes weight loss. The warming effect of steam on the respiratory system helps to heal chronic processes such as bronchitis, if it is not acute. Promotes better recovery and regeneration of the nervous and muscular systems after exercise.

How to properly steam in the Roman sauna?

It is recommended to spend several (3-5) sessions in pairs lasting 5-10 minutes each, depending on personal preferences and body condition. You can use the Roman steam room both in the morning and in the evening - the morning will charge you with energy for the whole day, and the evening treatments will have a relaxing effect. It is very important to restore water and electrolytes with the help of herbal and fruit teas, warm or hot. You can also have a soft drink if you are not prone to frequent colds with sore throat and cough. Caffeinated beverages such as tea and coffee raise blood pressure and should be avoided.

What are the contraindications?

Contraindications to visiting the steam room should be strictly adhered to. Do not visit the sauna for anyone with poor health or symptoms of acute colds and inflammatory diseases. The bath is also contraindicated for people with cardiovascular problems, skin diseases or cancer. Pregnant women are also forbidden to visit the steam room.

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