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Beauty and health
You can reboot and return to normal life with positive thoughts and new strength in our cozy and ultra-modern "Raymond SPA". It is located on the top floor of the hotel. Relaxing after the sauna or jacuzzi, you can enjoy the panorama of the city, which is beautiful at any time.

In the warm season you can sunbathe on the spacious terrace, enjoying the drinks of our phytobar. Guests at the Raymond SPA can enjoy pleasant wellness and beauty treatments, many types of massages and various wraps performed exclusively by highly qualified specialists. After the procedures you will radiate lightness and self-confidence.

Hotel with SPA in Truskavets

At Raymond SPA's disposal
Finnish sauna
Under the action of hot dry air, metabolic processes are activated, metabolism is accelerated, which contributes to the influx of strength, vitality, improvement of well-being and strengthening of immunity.

Regular visits to the Finnish sauna have a positive effect on dermatological diseases, respiratory, muscular and nervous systems.

Temperature - 80–100 ° С
Humidity - 10-20%
Capacity - 8 people
Roman sauna
High humidity baths and steam with essential oils enrich the body with moisture and gently warm it, which improves thermoregulation and speeds up metabolism.

Visiting the Roman sauna strengthens the cardiovascular system, reduces body weight, removes toxins and toxins, which generally contributes to the rejuvenation and healing of the body.

Temperature - 38–47 ° С
Humidity -95-100%
Capacity - 8 people
Hot tubs not only have a positive effect on the body, but also improve health. Thanks to the built-in hydromassage nozzles in the Jacuzzi, the direction and power of the water flow changes, which allows you to choose the type and intensity of hydromassage.

The therapeutic effect of the Jacuzzi is that it improves blood circulation, activates the cardiovascular system, eliminates insomnia, improves well-being and increases overall vitality.

Temperature - 37–40 ° С
Capacity - 8 people
Contrasting shower
The best method of hardening the body is a contrast shower.

Contrasting douche helps to normalize body temperature, trains blood vessels, reduces symptoms of hypertension, increases skin and muscle elasticity, improves general well-being.

A regular combination of sauna and contrast
shower raises immunity and makes the body less prone to disease.
Phytobar in SPA is our pleasant feature that allows and helps to improve health. After all, a glass of a soft drink or berry strip not only invigorates and lifts the mood, but also is a rich source of vitamins and biologically active substances. Fruit strips easily replace sweets and help eliminate toxins, add energy and do not create heaviness in the stomach. The smoothie is ideal for figure correction. The effect of phytoproducts on the body is extremely wide - from the rapid recovery of energy and strength after exercise to relieve general fatigue and nervous tension.
Regular massage has a stimulating effect on body tissues, improves blood circulation and lymph flow. General muscle relaxation and increased blood circulation to the brain leads to improved brain function, and fatigue and irritability are replaced by positive thinking and the ability to concentrate.

Cosmetology services
The desire to look young and beautiful was and remains one of the main female traits. In order to delay the signs of aging, correct the shortcomings of appearance, as well as preserve the youth and beauty of the skin for a long time - modern cosmetology comes to the rescue.
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