Contrasting shower in Truskavets

Dousing invigorates and activates blood circulation
At the Raymond Hotel, you can recreate your daily routine, even when you are in a hurry to get to Truskavets on important matters. Just book a room and have a contrast shower and the entire SPA area. At the hotel you will continue to do water treatments with pleasure and comfort.
Wellness Truskavets: a contrasting shower in a cozy Raymond SPA
To contrast water jets to have a positive effect on your body, it is better to use small temperature differences. An icy or too hot stream can be harmful, so our shower room has quality faucets and uninterrupted water supply.

It will be convenient for you to take a contrast shower in Truskavets:
  • The flow of water will flood the whole body, as it should be;
  • good ventilation cleans the air, so it is safe to use shared bathrooms in our hotel;
  • taking a contrast shower for cellulite, the second faucet is convenient to use for douching certain parts of the body.

We spotless walls, floors, faucets, etc., so Raymond Spa is always clean.

What is a Contrasting Shower?

A contrast shower is an alternation of hot and cold water flows for a total of five to ten minutes.

What are the benefits of a Contrasting Shower?

"""Improves blood flow and nitric oxide delivery, especially to the brain; Reduces systemic inflammation; Maintains the connection between the brain and the digestive system, strengthening the tone of the vagus nerve; Improves appetite regulation; Improves insulin sensitivity; Improves mood, concentration and attention. """

How to take a contrast shower?

"""Take a shower in warm / hot water for 3-5 minutes. Now turn off the hot water and take a shower under cool / cold water for only 1 minute. Repeat 3-5 times. Be sure to finish with cold water. To increase the efficiency of the contrast shower, there should be as much difference in temperature as possible between the hot and cold parts. Hot portions of the shower should last longer than cold (3-5 minutes hot, 1 minute cold). """

What are the contraindications?

"This therapy may be contraindicated in the following conditions: • Vascular insufficiency or stasis (the last stage of "poor circulation"); • Heart failure; • Some anemia or blood dyscrasias; • Pregnancy; • Some types of chronic infections; • Improper nutrition; • Some diseases of the joints; • Diabetes. Talk to your doctor or naturopath if you have any questions or concerns. "

What is a contrast shower in the health system

All types of services:

  • Roman sauna high humidity and moderate temperature up to 47oC.
  • Jacuzzi bubbling water soothes and encourages relaxation.
  • The Finnish sauna differs from other steam rooms by a high temperature of 80-100oC and a low humidity of 10-20%.
  • Phyto-bar cool smoothies, warming teas, herbal teas.
  • Contrasting shower is the best method of hardening the body.
  • Massage has a stimulating effect on body tissues, improves blood circulation and lymph flow.
Shower treatments will be effective if performed correctly, regularly and in combination with other wellness activities. The room rate includes a shower and underwater massage in the jacuzzi. For additional funds you can contact a professional masseur and beautician.

How to take a contrast shower that hardens

Dousing invigorates and activates blood circulation, so the procedure is best done an hour and a half after waking up and two hours before bedtime. Contrasting shower is a kind of hardening and strengthening the protective functions of the body. It boosts immunity and improves thermoregulation.

How to take a contrast shower so as not to harm?

  • stand under a warm stream for five minutes to warm the body and prepare the cardiovascular and nervous systems for the procedure;
  • alternately turn on hot and cold water for 40-90 seconds, repeat three times;
  • complete the procedure with a cool jet to tone the skin;
  • wipe dry with a towel.
The procedure speeds up metabolism, helps to break down fats. Even hair grows stronger and grows faster. At the same time, the condition of blood vessels and muscles improves, the production of elastin and collagen increases, and the skin is cleansed of toxins.

How to properly heal the body

To achieve a lasting result, it is desirable to take a shower with other wellness treatments:

  • · Get rid of cellulite appropriate massage and Jacuzzi;
  • · Bath and aromatherapy in the complex raise immunity;
  • · Circular shower with phototherapy strengthens the nervous system.

Raymond SPA specialists will advise, advise on the type of massage or beauty treatments, develop a wellness course.

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