Vacuum microdermabrasion in Truskavets

The procedure is painless and delicate
At the Raymond Hotel, every service is aimed at strengthening your health, maintaining your beauty and youth. Are you not satisfied with the color and texture of the skin? Vacuum microdermabrasion will help, the price in Truskavets is different, but it is better to pay attention to the competence of the specialist. Our cosmetologists guarantee a noticeable result after the first session.
Vacuum microdermabrasion in the comfortable Raymond SPA
The procedure is painless and delicate in contrast to ultrasound or chemical therapy, but requires an individual approach. A specialist should assess the condition of your skin and prepare you properly. Competence, care and responsibility - these qualities of a beautician are appreciated by all Raymond guests. You will be sure that everything will go well and without complications.

Price, guarantees and advice from a specialist

All types of cosmetology services:

If you are worried about thin lines and shallow wrinkles, enlarged pores, pigment spots and other skin imperfections, make an appointment with a specialist. After a few treatments, your face will become toned, light, rejuvenated. Vacuum microdermabrasion is valued at Raymond SPA, and diamond grinding is in demand in Truskavets.

The beautician is responsible for the effectiveness of peeling:

  • Takes into account the type and sensitivity of the skin, the depth of scars and wrinkles;
  • detects inflammatory processes and evaluates the appropriateness of the procedure;
  • carefully selects diamond-coated nozzles;
  • gives advice on further action, because for ten days it is desirable to protect the epidermis from irritants.

On the eve of therapy, it is better to abandon the fateful meetings, because there may be a slight redness and swelling of the skin. The specialist will ask about your beauty treatments and recommend soothing masks and moisturizers, taking into account your budget.
All types of services:

  • Roman sauna high humidity and moderate temperature up to 47oC.
  • Jacuzzi bubbling water soothes and encourages relaxation.
  • The Finnish sauna differs from other steam rooms by a high temperature of 80-100oC and a low humidity of 10-20%.
  • Phyto-bar cool smoothies, warming teas, herbal teas.
  • Contrasting shower is the best method of hardening the body.
  • Massage has a stimulating effect on body tissues, improves blood circulation and lymph flow.

How to order vacuum microdermabrasion to feel its effectiveness

Cosmetologist Raymond SPA has the appropriate certificates and experience, because the health of our guests and the reputation of the hotel in the first place. The specialist has several professional peels for peeling, which he takes care of and carries out appropriate disinfection. The devices have sanitary and hygienic conclusions.

The master may recommend crystalline microdermabrasion, which is carried out using a solution of sodium bicarbonate (aluminum). Sanding will help to painlessly get rid of old scars and stop skin aging.
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What is Vacuum Microdermabrasion?

polishing of skin by means of nozzles with a diamond dusting under the influence of vacuum

What is the effect of Vacuum Microdermabrasion?

prevention of acne, increase skin tone, improve blood microcirculation in the skin, improve cell regeneration, scarring

What are the contraindications?

skin damage, acute skin diseases, cancer, herpes, diabetes, pregnancy, rosacea, keloid scars

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