Phototherapy in Truskavets

We have only specialists competent in cosmetology and dermatology
The Raymond Hotel has a comfortable spa with various treatments, including phototherapy, which is not included in the room rate. Specialists are competent in cosmetology and dermatology. They will tell in detail about the treatment of adults and children with bright light. You will be satisfied with the professional equipment and work of the master.
Phototherapy with an individual approach to each guest
Our specialists are visited by people who are worried about eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo, atopic dermatitis, herpes zoster and more. And they are helped by phototherapy - a treatment with UV radiation with proven clinical effectiveness. Depending on the disease, the appropriate wavelength range is selected. This method is used in endocrinology, dentistry, surgery, urology, gynecology, trichology, cardiology and more.

You will feel the effectiveness of phototherapy, Truskavets will be a desirable place for you to recover. It is better to prepare in advance for the reception.

First, make a list of drugs, because some drugs can increase the sensitivity of the skin to ultraviolet radiation. If your doctors, ENT or dermatologist, have prescribed a course, tell your cosmetologist.

Service from certified specialists

Light therapy is used not only to treat the skin. It helps with seasonal affective disorders, late sleep syndrome, violation of biological times due to frequent flights.

At Raymond SPA you can order facial phototherapy if you are concerned about vascular network and warts. Laser cosmetology allows you to painlessly get rid of various tumors, including nevus, foot ulcers, T-cell lymphoma. Before that, it is desirable to conduct a laboratory diagnosis to rule out malignant tumors.

If you order phototherapy at Raymond SPA, a beautician:
  • examine the skin and determine its phototype;
  • evaluate the results of dermatoscopy;
  • prepare for the procedure;
  • apply moisturizer, give advice on further skin care.
Come and recover in Truskavets, phototherapy at Raymond SPA will be effective and enjoyable.
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What is Phototherapy?

the effect on the skin of non-thermal light energy to activate the processes of natural cellular regeneration of the skin. getting on the skin, light stimulates sensitive intracellular structures

What is the effect of phototherapy?

dependence of the light filter, phototherapy provides the results of a wide range: skin rejuvenation, acne treatment, reduction of reactivity, skin pigmentation

How is the Phototherapy procedure performed?

phototherapy is performed as the final stage of any cosmetic procedure. the light filter is selected individually and with the help of a special manipulator the skin of the face is illuminated

What are the contraindications?

photosensitivity, pregnancy, epilepsy, skin cancer, photosensitizing therapy

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