General wellness massage in Truskavets

You will feel incredibly relaxed and light, as if your body has been reborn
Active recreation is important for all people, but without exercise it does more harm. Tension and cramps in the muscles, poor mobility of the joints with squeaking and heavy gait - it is very tiring and overloads the body. At the Raymond Hotel, you can prepare for active activities by ordering a general massage from an experienced specialist. And if you have problems with your back and spine, the procedure will help relieve pain and activate metabolic processes in the body. Doctors often include chiropractic in their treatment, as it affects the muscles, joints and even internal organs.
Total body massage - a total reboot in Raymond SPA
During the procedure you will feel incredible relaxation and lightness, as if your body has been reborn. Then you will feel a surge of energy. In addition, the nervous, circulatory, cardiovascular systems are normalized, and joints and ligaments are strengthened. The spa area of the hotel maintains the appropriate atmosphere: you will be as cozy and comfortable as possible to take care of your health.

Massage is common to increase vitality

All types of services:

  • Roman sauna high humidity and moderate temperature up to 47oC.
  • Jacuzzi bubbling water soothes and encourages relaxation.
  • The Finnish sauna differs from other steam rooms by a high temperature of 80-100oC and a low humidity of 10-20%.
  • Phyto-bar cool smoothies, warming teas, herbal teas.
  • Contrasting shower is the best method of hardening the body.
  • Massage has a stimulating effect on body tissues, improves blood circulation and lymph flow.
Our masseur has the appropriate certificates and many years of experience - he can be trusted with his health. He is familiar with various types of massage, uses proven techniques and techniques. To give you the desired result, take into account the state of health, any diseases of the back, neck and spine.

Raymond SPA specialist will make a quality general body massage, the price is quite democratic:

  • take an interest in your wishes and goals, listen to complaints;
  • examine the skin and ask about the disease, because you should not ignore any contraindications;
  • select the most effective technique, such as sports massage, which relieves muscle tension and prepares the body for loads;
  • will choose an oil that will help achieve the desired result and in addition saturate the skin with minerals and vitamins.

The movements of the specialist are smooth and clear, whether stroking, tingling or rubbing. It definitely avoids lymph nodes and some parts of the body. Any damage to the skin, including irritation after epilation - is also a reason to postpone the procedure to another day.

A cozy place for recovery

At the hotel, you can plan a whole wellness complex that will restore physical and emotional strength. If you do not know where to start, a masseur will help to understand, given your budget. If you need body correction, order an anti-cellulite massage and wrap. You may need to massage one area, but carefully enough: certain areas of the arms and legs, collar area, head, face.

The massage parlor is always clean: tables and instruments are disinfected, cosmetic oil without expiration dates. Based on the reviews of Raymond SPA guests, everyone likes the arrangement of the office and the work of a professional masseur.
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What is a wellness massage?

Massage is a set of methods of manual interaction of hands or devices with the body, in order to treat and prevent diseases.

What are the benefits of wellness massage?

"With the help of health massage you can: 1. Reduce stress; 2. Improve blood circulation; 3. Reduce pain; 4. Removal of toxins; 5. Increase flexibility; 6. Improve sleep; 7. Increase immunity; 8. Reduce fatigue; 9. Relieve depression and anxiety; 10. Reduce swelling after surgery and injuries. "

How to do a general health massage?

The masseur manipulates your muscles and soft tissues with your hands, fingers, forearms and elbows. First, warm up the body with light movements, and then make accents, evenly distributing the effect on different parts of the body. When the massage is over, you are covered with a warm blanket and They allow you to relax and be alone, and can be used to treat certain health conditions, relieve pain and improve general well-being.

What are the contraindications?

"While this is definitely a useful procedure, massage may not be for everyone. For example, if your skin is inflamed and irritated, massage can make the situation worse. Or, if you have certain conditions such as diabetes, heart disease or epilepsy, massage can be harmful. And while massage is usually safe for pregnant women, it is important to talk to your doctor to eliminate any risks that may apply to your individual situation. If you are not sure if massage is safe for you - or if you plan to use massage for a specific disease - discuss this with your doctor in advance. "

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