Cosmetic massage in Truskavets

You will forget for a long time about the premature appearance of wrinkles and dehydration of the skin
At Raymond Hotel you will enjoy a cosmetic massage of the face, neck and décolleté, as you will forget for a long time about the premature appearance of wrinkles and dehydration of the epidermis. Specialists have many techniques, use professional devices and effective oil with masks. After the course you will get the desired result: a beautiful contour of the cheekbones, as well as elastic, delicate and moisturized skin. The SPA area has a special atmosphere that will help you relax and prepare for treatments.
Cosmetic massage at the Raymond SPA Hotel
The face is the most delicate and delicate area of the body, which is sensitive to any mechanical influences. Hygienic massage should be done with sufficient force to stimulate muscle function, but at the same time gently so as not to damage the fragile tissues and nerve endings. Cosmetologist Raymond SPA has certificates and many years of experience. He knows the location of biological points, muscles and nerves, so it will help to flourish your beauty.

Order a cosmetic massage from trusted professionals

All types of services:

  • Roman sauna high humidity and moderate temperature up to 47oC.
  • Jacuzzi bubbling water soothes and encourages relaxation.
  • The Finnish sauna differs from other steam rooms by a high temperature of 80-100oC and a low humidity of 10-20%.
  • Phyto-bar cool smoothies, warming teas, herbal teas.
  • Contrasting shower is the best method of hardening the body.
  • Massage has a stimulating effect on body tissues, improves blood circulation and lymph flow.
The beautician is obliged to ask in detail about the state of health, because the procedure has certain contraindications. If you have recently done peels and used methods of aggressive rejuvenation, it is better to endure a cosmetic massage, Truskavets and Raymond Hotel can offer many healing options.

To choose an effective technique, the specialist takes into account every detail:

  • the thickness of the skin;
  • skin type, porosity and problem;
  • your wishes, for example, to correct the oval face or prevent wrinkles;
  • your age and features of home care.

Cosmetic massage, the average price on the market, can be superficial and deep, depending on the effect you want to get. Our masters have sensual and at the same time strong hands that help to activate metabolism and secretory function, improve blood circulation, lymph flow and cell respiration.

Cosmetic massage in Truskavets, which will bring results

The masseur-cosmetologist is responsible for the procedure:

  • Thoroughly cleanses the face from the remnants of cosmetics and warms it;
  • does a cosmetic massage, it's like a muscle workout;
  • apply mask and finishing cream according to skin type.

If necessary, the specialist will make a plan for rejuvenation and treatment of various rashes, as well as adjust home facial care.

It definitely takes into account your financial capabilities. Rest assured: the skin will be velvety and healthy looking. Its color is evened out, and a nice blush will appear. No wrinkles, second chin, redness in frosty weather - with our beauticians it is easy to achieve. To learn more about cosmetic facial massage, call the administrator + 38 (067) -8077-000. The price of the service is not included in the room rate.
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What is a cosmetic massage?

Body or face massage with the use of cosmetics, aroma oils, natural chocolate, etc.

What are the benefits of cosmetic massage?

the use of cosmetics during massage, enhances the effect of the procedure and improves its outcome.

How to do a cosmetic massage?

to the procedure of ordinary massage are added special additional means such as masks, aroma oils, wraps and other cosmetic products

What are the contraindications?

individual intolerance of cosmetic components

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